Enhancing your financial future involves more than just accumulating an investment portfolio.  Achieving the portfolio's Investment Mandate requires individual attention, utilising a wide range of tools and resources. Thus enabling your individual objectives to be achieved.

SPM Investment Group is supported by an extensive research division that continuously monitors and compares direct and indirect investment opportunities to ensure portfolios are forward thinking and in the best interest of our clients' mandate.

SPM IG has access to resources and systems 24 hours a day and utilises these services in conjunction with their own filtration of specialist investment and technical contacts throughout the global industry. 

Our practice provides comprehensive strategic portfolio management and financial advice based from the Sunshine Coast to National and International clientele, tailored specifically for the needs and objectives of the individual client.  

Private Client Management

It is critical that the progress of your investments is tracked regularly and measured against your agreed mandate and objectives. To achieve this it is important to ensure that you have exposure to a portfolio service which allows us to efficiently collect and consolidate accurate and up to date information and report this to you.

"Private Client Management" enables you, the client to be able to make an informed decision at all times, ensures a dedicated individually or SPM preferred managed portfolio, along with comprehensive strategy advice.  This service is overlaid with an individual "Active Advice Style", which undertakes to manage all assets on a sector specific basis.

As such, Private Clients will be assured of:

  • Open access to Advisers and Management
  • Strategic access to the SPM secure web portal and your portfolios affairs
  • Priority allocation to new listings (direct or managed)
  • Ongoing management of your entire affairs on an individual and multi-generational basis